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Emery Machine and Tool Company Wisconsin

Custom Engineering

As an Industrial & Commercial Machine Shop, we can offer you custom finely machined parts. Our modern, 6,500 square foot manufacturing facility can cater to nearly any small manufacturing project. Our custom engineering services include, but not limited to:

CNC Turning and Machining Services

CNC Turning and Machining Services

We offer CNC turning in metals and plastics with up to 44 inch diameters and 8 foot lengths. We also offer precise CNC milling.

Please call us for pricing and turnaround times.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing Services

With Manufacturing tolerances down to 0.0002" (A Sheet of paper is 0.003"), we can happily accomodate any manufacturing needs you have in either metals or plastics. We presently offer our contract service to the United States and Canada.

Please call us for a free estimate detailing both pricing and availability.

Design & Prototyping Services

Design & Prototyping Services

No Plans? No Problem. Our licensed production engineers have more than 40 years of experience in the business of manufacturing machine tools and parts, and can gladly design anything you need.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Services

With specialize in reproducing parts that are downright impossible to find, especially antique, military, or obsolete items. With or without plans, we can whip up a solution that will solve any given problem.

Old Military Vehicles: Parts & Restoration

Old Military Vehicles Parts and Restoration

As part of our Reverse Engineering passion, we love repairing and restoring old military vehicles, specifically the M-274 Mule and the Gama Goat. Parts for these vehicles are presently custom made and otherwise hard to come by.


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